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Strategic, Organizational & Cultural Planning 

  • City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, Cultural Arts Master Plan (Subconsultant to Cultural Planning Group), 2023

  • United Arts Central Florida | Organizational Development, 2023

  • San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition | Organizational Development, 2022

  • La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts | Strategic Mission and Vision, 2022

  • Balboa Park Cultural Partnership Visitor Experience Plan | Local Advisor, Subconsultant to OpenBox Design (NY), 2022

  • City of San Diego, Commission for Arts and Culture | Local Arts Agency White Paper, 2021

  • City of San Diego, San Diego Public Library Foundation | City Heights Performance Annex Business Plan and Project Management for Plan Implementation, 2021-current

  • Flint Institute of Music, Flint, MI | Organizational Restructuring 2020

  • Arts Cleveland | Multi-Organizational Partnership Development 2019-2020

  • San Diego International Airport | Arts Master Plan (subconsultant to Todd W. Bressi) 2017-2019

  • transcenDANCE San Diego | Organizational Development and Strategic Planning 2017

  • San Diego Junior Theatre San Diego | Strategic Plan 2017

  • Port of San Diego, Public Art Program San Diego, CA | Policy and Organizational Planning 2015-2017

  • Santa Ana Arts Commission Santa Ana, CA | Cultural Plan (subconsultant to the Cultural Planning Group) 2016

  • Laguna Beach Arts Commission Laguna Beach, CA | Cultural Plan (subconsultant to the Cultural Planning Group) 2016

  • San Diego Cooperative Charter School San Diego, CA | Strategic Plan 2016, 2021, Executive Search 2016

  • Nashville Metro Arts Commission Nashville, TN | Crafting a Creative City: A Five-Year Agency Strategic Plan 2015

  • Emerging Arts Leaders/Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA | Strategic/Restructuring Plan 2014

  • Orchestra Nova San Diego, CA | Three-Year Organizational Strategic Plan 2011

  • City of San José Office of Cultural Affairs San José, CA | Cultural Connection: City of San Jose’s Cultural Plan for 2011-2020,  2008 | ARTS ENGAGE: A Strategic Plan for Arts Education and Cultural Learning, 2010-2011 (subconsultant to the Cultural Planning Group)


Talent Acquisition & Retention | Personnel Support Services

  • United Arts Central Florida | Talent Acquisition 2023

  • Flint Institute of Music, Flint MI | Talent Acquisition 2021-2022

  • Flint Institute of Music, Flint MI | Organizational Re-Structure 2020 - 2021

  • Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls San Diego | Employee Handbook Development, 2020

  • San Diego Unified School District - VAPA Foundation | Development Consultant Search Management 2018

  • San Diego Ballet | Job Description and Staff Structure Development 2018

  • transcenDANCE, San Diego | Human Resources Support and Mid-Management Search/Hire 2017, 2018, 2021

  • Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego | Career Coaching for Staff Impacted by Layoffs 2017

  • San Diego Cooperative Charter School | Executive Director and Development Consultant Searches 2016, 2017

Research | Assessment | Evaluation

  • City of Poway, CA | Cultural Facility Operational Feasibility Study, (subconsultant to Webb Management Services), 2023

  • City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs | Citywide Arts and Culture Needs Survey, 2021

  • Californians for the Arts | Statewide COVID -19 Impact on Arts Organizations and Arts Workers Study, 2020-2021

  • John S and James L Knight Foundation, Miami FL  | Adaptive Capacity Training Program Evaluation 2020

  • City of Carlsbad, CA | Cultural Facility Feasibility Study, (subconsultant to Webb Management Services), 2019

  • Old Globe Theatre San Diego | Earned Revenue Feasibility Study 2018

  • Rising Arts Leaders San Diego  | Organizational Assessment and Leadership Structure Assistance 2018

  • The James Irvine Foundation Los Angeles, CA | Research and writing sub-consultant to the Cultural Planning Group. University Collaborations with Nonprofit Arts Organizations in the Inland Region of California.  2015

  • Grantmakers in the Arts | Disrupting the Status Quo: El Sistema, the Community Opus Project and School Reform in the Chula Vista Elementary School District, Chula Vista, CA. A researched article for GIA Reader. 2014

  • Lux Art Institute Encinitas, CA  | Education Program Assessment and Education Pavilion Expansion Study 2011

  • Balboa Theatre Foundation San Diego | Organizational Review and Strategic Recommendations 2011

  • The James Irvine Foundation San Francisco | Next Generation Arts Leadership: A Report to The James Irvine Foundation  2011

  • Millard Sheets Center for the Arts at Fairplex Pomona, CA | Audience Assessment and Strategic Recommendations 2008

  • City of San José Office of Cultural Affairs  San José, CA | Arts Education Program Assessment  2006-2007

Professional Development Support

  • Arts Extension Service at University of Massachusetts, Amherst  Co-Created/Presented with Americans for the Arts | Fundamentals of Strategic and Community Planning for Local Arts Agencies. 2009

  • Illinois Arts Alliance  | Arts Leadership for the 21st Century: Facilitated Mentoring and Peer Coaching Program Toolkit 2008 

  • Los Angeles County Arts Commission | Facilitator and Advisor for Emerging Leaders Creative Conversation, 2007

  • City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture  | Emerging Leaders of Arts and Culture Program Consultant, 2005-2007

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